With someone brave on it...

And the side view

Thoughts, comments, words, something?....



The face and the butt...

Any comments?


It's Electric...

Electic bike for the sixteen years old, based on the design of the 50cc of the mid seventies

3/4 Views

Frame and engine details

The battery pack: "the cassette" 


The last one

A quick one

I'm moving on.. Next project: Electric bike



Random sh*t / shuffle mode on...

Well it's not all random... the true is that I continue with my Saab project, and those are some of the sketches of the project.



Trying new tecniques.. Painter + PS.. And new proportions, but still I'm not happy with it yet


... And another one before bed

I'm not satisfied with it yet, but i'll post it anyway.... Ok I'm going to bed now

Wind tunnel

Any similarity with TRON, is just pure coincidence


Saab: Back to the future

How would be the 92, if it would be built again in 2025?....

Swedish booty

In my opinion one of the best booties in the world



My entry for the Simkom.com - Kiska Contest

I didn't pass to the next round, but at least i tried.....


KTM untitled

New proyect: A KTM race vehicle for Moto Gp riders
 More coming up in the next days...


Alfa Romeo Gaia

This is the ideation, moodboard, etc. of the Alfa project that I'm doing right now.


Alfa Romeo mini SUV

A little proyect that I'm doing right now. It's an Alfa small SUV over the MiTo Plataform.
More details in next posts


Hi World, here I'm gonna post my newly designs, sketches, and others things, so enjoy.